[2018.02] WALLEN ECHO participates in Birmingham Spring Consumer Goods Fair 2018 SPRINGFAIR

2018년 January 19일
Wanju Techno Valley Industrial Complex Investment Agreement [MOU]
2018년 March 23일

INECO of Korea participated in the interior of ‘2018 SPRINGFAIR- the market is open’ which was held at NEC (National Exhibition Center), UK from 4th to 8th.

The Birmingham Spring Consumer Goods Fair is a large-scale exhibition that displays consumer goods such as gifts, promotional items, toys, home appliances, interior and design related companies, and boasts of participating companies from 45 countries this year in a space of 10,000 pyeong.

Shin Eun-Shin, a specialist in environmentally friendly architectural interiors, announced that the IECO-photo / art block and IECO light block, which boast various features at this Birmingham exhibition, received a warm response from visitors and overseas buyers.

On the other hand, Inco products were awarded the Grand Prize in Environmental Health Industry last year for its functionality such as humidity control, harmful substances and odor purification, insecticide effect, and forest bath effect.






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