Innovation Eco-friendly art wall interior brand `IECO ‘, patent commendation commemoration commemorating invention day

Functionality Eco-friendly IECO-Block “Radon” Test Report
2018년 May 4일
[2018.06.28] 2018 The meeting place of producers and consumers for Korea’s green product selection
2018년 June 28일

IECO, an eco-friendly building material brand, “INECO Inc.”, an expert in functional architectural interior materials, participated in the event held at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) commemorating the 53rd invention on May 16, I received a patent office citation for research and development.

INECO Inc., a specialist in eco-friendly building materials, has developed a wide range of products, including environmentally friendly wall tiles, art wall decorations, and photo blocks.

In the past, the purpose of the interior was to show it to others. In recent years, however, inviting guests to the home has been reduced, as in the past, as in the past, and the family has a strong tendency to take comfort and a comfortable rest. “There are more customers looking for eco-friendliness and high functionality than they are.

Therefore, IECOBLOCK, which is a representative functional art wall product, focuses on fine dust and harmful substances, which are emerging as social problems these days, and can be used to control the humidity of the room, improve harmful substances, improve odor removing immunity, It is expected that the product will be recognized and appreciated.

In addition, it uses insecticide function which blocks the access of mosquitoes by using rosé geranium (fescue) which is an excellent natural raw material in summer, the effect of forest bath with phytoncide essence, soundproof effect to prevent external noise from the characteristics of gypsum and fiber, And so on. In addition, the molding can be freely applied to various designs such as frame, backing, and molding accessories desired by consumers.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Small Business Venture Business Certificate was awarded at the 2018 Korea Small and Medium Business Administration Conference held at the headquarters of Jeonbuk region of the Korea Federation of Small and Medium Businesses on 29th. At present, the brand is expected to move forward with the cooperation with Jeonbuk region’s related organizations, confirming and evolving cost savings of more than 20% by using carbon fiber-added functional products, IT and LED technology products.


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