Promoting promising small and medium enterprises in Jeonju as a global star company

[2018.06.28] 2018 The meeting place of producers and consumers for Korea’s green product selection
2018년 June 28일
Green purchasing network selected ‘2018 Green Product of the Year’ in Korea
2018년 July 17일

Today, Jeonju City presented the 2018 Global Star Enterprise Designation to three companies, Kook Han Food Co., Ltd., INECO Inc. and Rex Gen Co., Ltd., which have high potential for globalization.

In addition, the Jeonbuk Center of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and the Korea Carbon Convergence Technology Institute together with the Korea Star Research and Development Center (KCTU) will continue to identify and develop global star companies for the fourth year.

It is the price competitiveness for foreign market exploitation, potential enterprise acquisition.

Inco also produces and sells eco-friendly construction products. Inco is different from competitors and competitors in producing and selling products with economic value.

Car market readings and market competition, market demand and so on.

We can help companies around the world and support growth companies by providing overseas market research and overseas market entry strategy, business diversification and delivery efficiency.

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