2019 ABS Exhibition in Singapore (October 01-03)

2019 Frankfurt ambiente consumer goods exhibition (February 08-12)
2019년 December 27일
Dubai Big 5 Show 2019 (Nov 25-28)
2019년 December 27일

Ineco Co., Ltd. participated in the ABS exhibition held in Singapore from October 01 ~ 03, 2019.


This is a picture of INECO booth attending an exhibition held in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.
The clean and stylish setting looks so pretty ~?




People from all over the world will be attracted to the clean and nice booth.
Singaporeans were very interested in our products, so we had a busy exhibition, but we were happy to finish the exhibition ~
I’ll come back to the next Ineco news ~ Please pay attention to Ineco Co., Ltd.


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