2019 Frankfurt ambiente consumer goods exhibition (February 08-12)

2019 Maison Ofze Paris, France (18-22 January)
2019년 December 27일
2019 ABS Exhibition in Singapore (October 01-03)
2019년 December 27일




We are going to give you the news of the world-class German Ambiente exhibition held from February 08 to 12, 2019.
As you can see from the photo above, it is a world-class exhibition with a huge crowd.



Korea Pavilion This is our Eco Booth.
Our booth was filled with in-echo products. We are busy preparing to meet guests in Germany ~


This is one of the products we took out so beautifully
It’s a model based on the famous Audrey Hepburn actor, so pretty.



During the five days in Germany, the exhibition will be finished with the representative’s photo.
For five days, many customers would like to thank you again for your visit and interest.
Please look forward to the next in-eco news again.


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