22nd Jeonbuk Export and Investment Merit Day

2019 Japan Tokyo Export Conference (April 09-10)
2019년 December 27일
Housing Brand Fair 2020 (20.02.13 ~ 16)
2020년 February 25일

Jeonbuk-do held the 22nd Jeonbuk Export and Investment Merit Day, which rewards and encourages Jeonbuk-do exporters at Jeonju Grand Hillston Hotel.
On this day, Jeonbuk-do was awarded an export and investment merit company for eight companies, 26 companies were awarded the Export Tower, and 13 people received an award for export merit.
Hosted by Jeollabuk-do and hosted by the Korea International Trade Association’s Jeonbuk Regional Headquarters, Woo Bum-ki, Deputy Secretary-General Woo Bum-ki, Jeonju Customs Director, and more than 200 heads of export-related organizations and entrepreneurs participated in the event, congratulating and encouraging the entrepreneurs who made efforts to export and invest during the year.

As a special merit, Choi Jae-hwan, CEO of Coschem, received the president’s commendation.
Seven people, including Lee Hyun-suk and Jien, were honored with the Minister of Industry’s citation and two people, Shin Jae-In and CEO of Ineco.

Deputy Governor Woo Bum-ki, who participated in the event, said, “Thank you and encouragement to the companies who have won awards and commendation for their export achievements through their efforts despite the difficult industrial conditions and trade environment.” We will cooperate with the relevant agencies to expand exports of companies in the province and provide practical support to the export of companies through various support projects. ” [Source: Cheonji Ilbo (http://www.newscj.com)]

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