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1Why functional ecofriendly construction materials?
With the recent boom in ecofriendly products, many are using ecofriendly materials as a fad. Ecofriendly materials are those that do not release toxic substances themselves. Because they do not release toxic substances, they are useful in reducing the pollution of space. Can ecofriendly materials alone remove risk factors of our space?

Toxic materials within our space are generated by various factors—furniture, the walls and even cooking. Functional ecofriendly construction materials help purify these substances effectively and create healthier space, which is why using these functional ecofriendly construction materials is a necessity.

Also, with the number of cities that are enforcing the mandatory use of functional ecofriendly materials on the rise since 2015, we are expecting to see an increase in policies that encourage functional ecofriendly materials in the future. Now, take this first step to your family’s better health by using these functional ecofriendly materials.
2What is INECO, Co., Ltd.’s IECO Block?
The IECO Block is a functional ecofriendly construction material equipped with inherent ecofriendly functions such as adjusting moisture within a space, purifying toxic substances and deodorizing with additional functions such as mosquito-proofing and enhanced soundproofing.
3How do you use INECO, Co., Ltd.’s IECO Blocks?
The IECO Block is a functional ecofriendly interior finishing material that helps you design your space without wallpaper. Creating a healthy space through walls that breathe, it is perfect for creating an art wall in part or whole of your interior wall. Easy to mold, it offers a myriad of different designs, optimal for producing a healthy, beautiful space.
4In what sizes and units are INECO, Co., Ltd.’s IECO Blocks sold?
The size ranges from 100mm*100mm to 50mm, and the default unit is 1m2.
5What are INECO, Co., Ltd.’s IECO Blocks made of?
IECO Blocks are no-chemical products composed of natural plaster, natural essence and natural fiber. Feel free to use these chemical-free blocks to create healthy spaces.
6What do you do when you have foreign substances on the IECO Blocks?
If there is a foreign substance on the surface of an IECO Block, scrape it off with a thin object to make sure the Block maintains its color, keep the substance off all the while the block holds its ecofriendly functionality.
7Is it difficult to install?
There has been a recent surge in the number of housewives who purchase DIY interior design items and install them on their own, and the IECO Blocks are perfect for such self-taught interior design enthusiasts. All it takes is apply ecofriendly adhesive or water-based silicon on the back of these blocks and stick them on your wall.