IECO to Create Beautiful Space


IEco Block that Creates Fresh Air and Healthy Life

Through the invisible functionality of micro hole, it purifies the air in the house and creates clean air.
IECO Block conveys its 'healthiness'to you.

IECO Block has four refreshing features

Moderate Humidity

Purification of Harmful Substances


Fresh Smell


Additional Convenience Features

The Wall that Brings Out Happiness


Refreshing Percentage of IECO Block

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IECO Block User Survey
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First of Freshness

Moderate Humidity

  • When the humidity is high, it absorbs and store moisture and blocks the dew condensation to suppress breeding of ticks, mould, and so on.
  • It is effective to reduce respiratory diseases such as dermatitis and cold by releasing the stored moisture when the humidity is low.
  • It helps to maintain a pleasant and healthy space with moderate humidity.

Normal Wall

  • There are few holes that adsorb humidity.
    (Moisture is hardly adsorbed.)

Wall with
IECO Block

  • There are many holes that adsorb humidity.
    (The indoor environment becomes pleasant.)

It maintains a pleasant indoor environment by adjusting indoor humidity with many holes that can adsorb humidity.

Second of Refreshing

Purification of Harmful

  • Since it adsorbs volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde and emits anions and far infrared rays, it is effective to increase the immunity of residents, and also for environmental diseases such as atopic dermatitis.

Third of Refreshing

fourth of refreshing

Additional convenient functions

  • IECO Blocks not only refresh your body for living conveniences, but it also enhances your immunity and deodorizes.

Enhance immunity

The IECO Block is made of materials that release far-infrared rays and quiet nerves to consequently enhance immunity to which phytoncide essence—a volatile substance created by shrubs whose main ingredient is an organic compound called terpene, a natural antibacterial substance which shrubs produce to protect themselves from attacks of insects and microorganisms—was added. Not only does IECO Block help you feel refreshed, but it also has a number of other functions including air-freshening, enhancing immunity and deodorizing. You can now take a therapeutic walk in the forest inside your home.

  • Also, it boasts a strong moisture-absorption, which gives you an option to use the Block as a perfume or an air freshener.

Anti Mosquito

Rose geranium naturally repels insects such as mosquitos, helping you reduce using chemical insect and repellents.
Containing rose geranium, these anti-mosquito block will protect your health and create a fresh, clean atmosphere.