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Construction method

Environmental conditions and precautions for construction of IECO blocks

During the construction of the blocks, it is necessary to ensure that the ambient temperature is maintaine.d above 5℃, and care should be taken not to suffer from winter cold after construction.

It is possible to install this product on any place including concrete wall, gypsum board wall, wooden wall, or wallpaper, but we recommend installing it on a flat surface such as concrete wall and gypsum board wall.

When installing hooks or screws on the block, be sure to use an electric screwdriver.

Be careful of damage caused by impact.

Do not apply (water-based, oil-based) paints on the product.
* This can block pores and prevent the product from functioning properly.

Do not allow objects with sharp edges to fall directly on the product surface.
* The surfaces of the product may be cracked or peeled.

Do not rub the product surface with a rough scrubbing sponge or brush for cleaning.
* The surface may be damaged.

It is harmless to human body, but do not eat.

Do not step on blocks and climb on it.

Do not load product boxes with more than 10 layers.

Ventilate frequently for 1-2 weeks after construction.

Avoid humidifying more than necessary for the product.

Construction method

Preparation material

a level, tape measure, plastic ruler, acetic acid-free silicone, silicone gun, cutter knife, saw


Place a paper on the bottom of the wall to be constructed and remove foreign substances from the wall.


Move objects and materials that may be contaminated during construction.


After confirming the area of the wall to be constructed, construct the block design on the floor and arrange the product.


Stack the blocks and glue them from the bottom of the wall to the top.


How to apply the adhesive on the block and the amount of adhesive : Apply 4 points or more for 100㎠ ~ 900㎠ and 6 points or more for over 900㎠,
rub and paste the blocks so that the adhesive spreads evenly on the wall, and then compress and fix them with hands for 10~20 seconds.


Construction of corners : Cut about 2/3 of the block using a cutter knife or a saw and then cut 1/3 by hand. The cut side is finished by rubbing it with a knife.