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The merits and demerits of a product


IECO Blocks comes in a variety of colors and designs and can give an interior effect thanks to not only functionality but also aesthetics.


In the case of existing indoor interior tiles,
there are many designs in a flat style, while
in the case of IECO Blocks, various designs
can be implemented according to the
arrangement of blocks so that the blocks
create a three-dimensional feel.


In addition, you can express your design by changing the installation direction of the product or express your design by mixing the designs of multiple products, so you can create your own unique aesthetic.

Fire resistance

Fire resistance

Thanks to its high fire resistance (EN standard A-1, the highest grade non-combustible material), it does not have the risk of burning in the event of a fire, prevents the spread of fire, does not emit harmful gases, and reduces the risk of suffocation.



It does not contain radon, a carcinogenic radioactive substance. (Safe limits: 148 Bq/㎥, IECO Block’s detected amount: 36 Bq/㎥)

Prevention of injury

Prevention of injury

Since the fibers inside the product are dispersed, fragments do not scatter around when damaged, and thus, injury caused by fragments can be prevented.

It is optimized product for DIY that anyone can easily install.

상해 방지

- Easy cutting & construction
: No specialized power tools are required. (Refer to the specifications)
- All architectural finishing adhesives can be used, and it is possible to use silicone for construction.
- It is much easier to construct since it is made so that masonry joints between the tiles do not need to be inserted in the design stage.

Economic efficiency

Economic efficiency

- The eco-friendly features of the IECO Block require no power at all.
- Energy loss due to frequent ventilation can be reduced.
- It is effective in preventing aging of buildings and reducing maintenance costs due to the function of humidity control.

IECO Blocks can be self-constructed with the design desired by the customer, and functionally,
a space suitable for the customer can be created by adding a natural essence that suits his/her taste.